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Is your Dog Well-behaved, and Well-mannered?


If the answer is a resounding no, you’re not alone! Thousands of dog owners struggle everyday with what seems to be an insurmountable hurdle; getting their dog(s) to be an enjoyable companion! We can help. Club Canine is Houston's premiere obedience training facility and original day camp, designed to exercise both mind and body for a well-balanced dog. Confidence building through consistency is key to our training approach, The Thinking Dog System. We believe a dog who learns to make good decisions is a safer, happier and more enjoyable dog.

Let us help you learn to become an effective leader for your dog and get you on the path to the relationship you always wanted. 


The Thinking Dog


Our Process in 3 Simple Steps



The first step in our program is a Training & Behavioral Consultation. This 2+hour meeting is a working session conducted in home, bringing together all family members living with the dog for the purpose of building and functioning as a team. This meeting serves as a platform for education as well as the introduction of foundational exercises, techniques, and concepts that will begin to connect or reconnect owners with their dogs.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Understanding the canine system of communication, which is key to maximizing learning for both the dog and owner and preventing mixed messages.

  • Understanding current behaviors, fostering desirable behavior, preventing undesirable behavior from being learned

  • Employing a structured management program to follow

  • Outlining specific exercises and techniques for building connectivity and confidence

  • Learning vocabulary to begin practicing for improved communication, control and harmonious living

  • Building focus and attention

Private Lessons

Once the initial consult has been conducted, we follow up with a series of detailed private lessons rooted in building focus and attention. The first private lessons are conducted at your home and progress to either a local park or our facility. The progression is dictated by the needs of the each dog and their owner. The goal of the lessons is to build both the dog’s and owner’s skills and confidence while introducing increasing levels of distraction and environmental pressure. 

Group Lessons

Once the handler and dog(s) possess the necessary skills for success, they transition into our Foundations Obedience class. At Club Canine, classes are generally one night per week and every other Saturday morning. Learn more about our Group Class offerings.